Folsom LA

The Village Of Folsom LA

Not large enough to be considered a town, the Village of Folsom LA sits quietly in the northwest part of St Tammany Parish. Reportedly named after the wife of President Grover Cleveland, Francis Folsom, George N. Fendlason founded the village in 1904 amid lush, rolling hills dotted by loblolly pines that tower to dizzying heights. With an official population of less than 1,000 people, Folsom is a picturesque, peaceful place to live.

Folsom Boast Of Free Range Farms

The countryside around Folsom Louisiana is home to numerous free range chicken, cattle, and horse farms, and it even stables many regional race horses. For those of you who tastes run to the more exotic, there are ostrich and emu farms as well. Many of the state’s best large animal and equine veterinarians live in the area thanks to the extremely large population of animal residents- they outnumber the people! Look for the Peruvian Paso horses on St. Mary’s Farm as you drive through. They are eye catching beautiful animals.

One visit to the remarkable Red Bluff Farm will have your mouth watering. With the help of Chef John Besh, they started breeding Berkshire pigs for sale to area restaurants. The meat does have a higher fat content than commercially raised pigs, but that only makes it more succulent when braised and roasted.

Those of you who prefer the company of plants will enjoy a trip to the Pretty Trees Nursery. Thanks in part to the wonderful weather, they do indeed have some of the most incredible specimens of all the plant nurseries in the area. But, maybe that is a little biased coming from a native tree lover.

Folsom’s Gem – The Global Wildlife Center

Global Wildlife Center In Folsom LA

Global Wildlife Center In Folsom LA

Folsom is also home to the outstanding Global Wildlife Center. Kids of all ages will enjoy their day with the vast collection of friendly animals. Anyone want to touch a living giraffe? This is your place! It is the biggest and best family attraction in town, so be sure to put it on your list of things to do.

Accommodations are tough to find, but not impossible. There are several small homes that rent room to out of town guests. You will get breakfast and, sometimes, a light snack in the evenings. In many cases, the owners will do their best to meet any of your needs. if you require special items or want to create a memorable moment, just ask. These places are a wonderful change of pace from the usual, impersonal hotel. Be forewarned: There are none of the larger urban retail stores or fast food chains here, and everything closes down early. Plan ahead to stay in for a peaceful night under the stars, or be prepared to travel “into town” by taking the drive to Covington.

Folsom Louisiana Has Several Bed and Breakfast

One example of an inviting stay in Folsom is the Maison Reve’ Bed and Breakfast. it is run by two of the friendliest people around. Mrs. JoAnne loves to talk about all things food-related and is an accomplished southern cook. If you are lucky, you will be able to talk her into a hands-on cooking class in her own kitchen. How is that for hospitality?

Homes are spread apart, so it is not unusual to have a neighbor that is quite a distance away. because they include so much gorgeous acreage, property values far surpass the state average. Once you see Folsom firsthand, you will understand why it is home to so many special breeds of people, plants, and animals.

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