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Global Wildlife Center In Folsom LA

Global Wildlife Center is located at 26389 Hwy 40 in Folsom LA. Directions – Take Interstate 12 to Exit 47, Robert exit. Take a right off the exit. Then travel North on Hwy 445 for about 10.5 miles. Then take another right on Hwy 40 East for 1.5 miles to Global Wildlife entrance on the left. You can also reach the Global Wildlife Center from Covington. Take Hwy 190 west to Goodbee and Hwy 1077. Take a right on Hwy 1077 and proceed north to Hwy 40 on the left. Take a left off of Hwy 1077 on to Hwy 40 and proceed to the entrance of Global Wildlife Center on the right. Global Wildlife fronts on Hwy 40 where you will see many animals behind the high fence that surrounds the 900 acre park.

Go On A Safari At Global Wildlife Center

Global Wildlife Wagon Train

Global Wildlife Wagon Train

Website –   (985) 796-3585
Guided safaris in covered wagons on a 900-acre Global wildlife refuge.

Visitors can enjoy a safari-like time by visiting the Global Wildlife Center in St. Tammany Parish. Located in Folsom, Louisiana, this 900 acre park is home to a lake and 12 ponds, but its most impressive feature is certainly the large collection of unusual animals that roam freely throughout the grounds. The Center’s purpose is to educate the public about these beautiful beasts, while stressing sound conservation practices to protect these amazing animals for future generations.

Park Tours Unlike Any Other At Global Wildlife

Every visitor will want to take one of the ninety minute covered wagon rides through the park, but time will fly due to how exciting they are. Well-educated tour guides provide information, histories, and amusing stories of critter antics as they pull you through the grounds. Be ready to experience the animals as you never have before. Guests are encouraged to interact with the park’s residents by petting and feeding them. This is one of the few wildlife refuges that actually brings these unique creatures right up to you and loves it when you touch them. This makes the covered wagon tours suitable and thrilling for children of all ages and abilities.

If you would prefer something a little more intimate, private Pinzgauer tours will be just the thing. They allow smaller groups of up to nine people an off-road 4×4 ride throughout the park, bringing you closer to the animals’ habitats than on the covered wagon ride. Private Pinz tours are a uniquely close encounter for brave explorers!

You can even make your next corporate or family event more memorable. The Center is available for private parties, group activities, and school field trips.

Personally Meet the Animals At Global Wildlife

There is a seemingly endless selection of exotic animals living full-time at the Center. Many guests immediately fall in love with the giraffes. This tall family is sure to melt your heart and send you into laughter when they try to eat directly from the feed cup with their incredibly long tongues. Be sure to check out the East African crowned cranes. These brilliantly colored, large birds are the only species of crane to nest in trees, and they have certainly made themselves home in St. Tammany.

Bison, Water Buffalo, Wildebeests, Camels, Zebras and Kangaroos OH MY!
Global Wildlife Center Feeding Time

Global Wildlife Center Feeding Time

The attractions do not stop there. The park is also home to bison, water buffalo, wildebeests, bactrian camels, zebras, kangaroos, oryx, llamas, several species of deer, and flocks of birds. It is quite an impressive list! Take advantage of the offered field identification guide and rent a pair of binoculars, but do not fear. Guests will be surprised at the number of friendly animals that come directly up to them. There is a new friend awaiting your attention the moment you set foot in the park.

The Center has recently undergone a series of renovations to make it handicapped accessible. The installation of ramps, boardwalks, and paved trails make it easier than ever for all guests to navigate and enjoy. Plus, the entire staff is very friendly and accommodating, so never hesitate to ask questions or make requests.

The Global Wildlife Center is a truly wild time that is only minutes away from New Orleans, across scenic Lake Pontchartrain… but it feels like you are in a whole other world.



Me and grandson at Global Wildlife Center

Bill and Grandson at Global Wildlife Center


Personal Testimony of the owner of this website: Hi my name is Bill with my grandson Jackson in the picture to the left. This is a wonderful place to take the whole family. Make sure you get a bucket of food to feed the animals if you have a large group. It is worth every penny you spend here. I have personally been here 5 times. Three of the times it was with my grand children which are in some of the pictures above. They have a great time and so do I. These pictures were taken in 2015 and it’s about time to take another trip with all my grandchildren. I’m 64 and the kid in me comes out at the Global Wildlife Center!

Global Wildlife Center Zebras

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