History Of Abita Springs

Abita Springs Dates Back To The 1800’s

Abita Springs, situated in the momentous “Tourist Park,” in St. Tammany Parish, is a small southern Louisiana town. Sitting among the shelter of the piney woods, it is just north of Lake Pontchartrain and offers a quaint backdrop for residents and tourists, alike.

This picturesque township has a population of a little over 2400, has two schools, four churches, and sits beneath streets lined with beautiful, antiquated live oak trees. The homes, charming cottages built in the early 1900’s, give way to the overall charisma of this nearly obsolete kind of town. The history of Abita Springs dating back to the 1800’s when the Choctaw Indians used the spring waters for its healing properties.

Healing Waters Of Abita Springs

It is said that this town holds a rich source of powerful, healing waters in its rushing waters. This water, which was used for medicinal purposes by the Choctaw Indians for centuries, is said to give new life to all who use it. Some of the stories of the waters invigorating effects have been passed down throughout the years to both residents and visitors. It is said that a young New Orleans man who lived near the town in the late 1700s went hunting near the embankments of Lake Pontchartrain. While hunting, he stumbled upon a stunning Choctaw woman, whom he married, immediately.

Once home in New Orleans, he watched his new bride deteriorate, growing wan and weak. After visits from many doctors, no one could determine the root of the new bride’s troubles. This young man returned to the Indian tribe where his young wife had been living and spoke to the medicine man, hoping beyond hope that he could give some kind of hope to the dire situation. On the advice of the Choctaw medicine man, the young woman-bride was placed upon a hammock into the waters of what is now called Abita Springs, and left for a few days. When the young man returned to check on his wife, he was astonished to see the beautiful, healthy woman he had married. 

1887 Brings A New Railroad

This story gave fame to the waters of the spring. This notoriety brought with it, in 1887, a new railroad. With the railroad came inhabitants, and with inhabitants came homes, hotels, and restaurants. In 1912, Abita Springs was finally chartered.

New Tammany Trace Replaces The Railroad 

It isn’t just the nostalgia of this town that makes it appealing. For the cyclist, runner, or horse-lover, Tammany Trace offers a beautiful landscape for any outdoor enthusiast. With a well-maintained trail, this popular spot is said to be one of the best biking trails in all of Louisiana.

Things To Do And See

If museums are your thing, Abita Springs, Louisiana offers a plethora from which to choose. The UCM Museum and the Trail Head Museum both give visitors an afternoon filled with delight.

The Brewery tour is another hot spot for locals and visitors of the town. For anyone with a thirst for a variety of tap beers and a curiosity of how it’s all done, the tour makes for a contented afternoon. Bring your appetite, too. There is also a restaurant, which caters to everyone, not just those on the tour.

There is a much to see and do in this quaint, historic town. From an Opry to the amphitheater, there is something for everyone.

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