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Northshore Starts At Mandeville LA

Historic Mandeville La starts at Lake Pontchartrain and extends from Jackson Ave on the east to Florida Street Hwy 190 on the north to Galvez Street on the west. This area is known as the Mandeville Historic District. The Mandeville La zip code for this area is 70448 which is on the East Causeway Approach. The other zip cold for the West Causeway Approach is 70471. This is the newer area of Mandeville that is presently going through a growth spurt of commercial development. Mandeville High School is also located in this area just south of the West Causeway Approach where it branches off of N Causeway Blvd.

Much of this area has been renovated especially the two main streets of Girod St and Lakeshore Drive. Much of this area had been damaged by hurricanes over the past 15 years and has been rebuilt several times. Part of the rebuilding process was to raise the houses above the flood plain. Now most of the houses on the Lakefront and several blocks in from Lake Pontchartrain have been raised up to withstand any flood waters that may come. The houses still have their historic look and charm because the lower floor has been put to good use. Many of the houses have an enclosed area under the main house that has been put to good use. These large open areas are used to park cars, have parties and other outdoor activities. The pictures below show the raised houses and how Historic Mandeville has recovered from the past hurricanes.

Mandeville La Lakeshore Drive House

Lakeshore Dr Mandeville-La-Raised House

House On Lake PontchartrainThe main house in this picture above has an enclosed first floor. The house to the left has an open first floor that is often used to park cars or as a family area that is protected from the elements. During holidays you will often see these 1st floor areas for parties, BBQ’s and other events. Some of these houses are used as restaurants and the lower area can be used for wedding receptions and other activities. These houses front on Lakeshore Drive and have a green area between the street and the Lake Pontchartrain seawall. This green area is about 30 to 50 yards wide and runs the length of the Historic Mandeville area. During the weekend and holidays the lakefront comes alive with all sorts of activities going on. You may see people getting married, school bands practicing and people just enjoying being out having a good time.

Mandeville Trail Head

The Mandeville Trail Head is located by the Mandeville Trailhead Farmers Market. This community market has a combination of all sorts of vendors. This marketplace is housed under a large shelter so it is open rain or shine. Every Saturday of the year people flock here to listen to the free concert and sample many locally made food items. Several vendors serve breakfast and lunch items that are specialty foods that you won’t see just anywhere. All items that are being sold at this market has to be homemade. items that are not homemade can be displayed but not sold. This is a fairly large vendor market but has very few farmers. The main farmers markets in the area are in Covington and Abita Springs. The Mandeville Trail Head is part of the Tammany Trace that runs from Mandeville to Abita Springs where railroad tracks once existed. This is a 31 mile long paved path that is for bicyclist and hikers.

Tammany Trace Paved Path In Mandeville LA

Lake Pontchartrain Lakefront In Historic Mandeville La

Lake Pontchartrain Lakefront In Historic Mandeville La

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