Mandeville Trailhead Community Market

Mandeville Trailhead Community Market Delivers Fresh Fun Every Weekend

Mandeville Trailhead Community Market

Mandeville Trailhead Community Market

The Mandeville Trailhead Community Market in Old Mandeville is a unique shopping and entertainment venue located in the historic heart of the city that is also its center of activity. Only a short drive across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans and easy to get to from anywhere on the Northshore, the city of Mandeville hosts this wonderful gathering every Saturday. It is anything but small, yet it still retains a charming small town appeal.

Those who believe in supporting their regional economy will find several chances to do so. Vendors show up faithfully each week with some of the most amazing food, lush plants, distinctive crafts, and beautiful artwork in the area. You will have ample opportunity to peruse their goods and services in a relaxed neighborhood setting that is a short walk to the lake.


 Mandeville Trailhead Community Market A Foodie’s Paradise

Community Market Mandeville LA

Community Market Mandeville LA

Health-conscious people and raw foodists will love to gaze over and sample the bushels of locally grown produce, but be sure to make room for those of us who just love to eat. Almost all of these fruits and vegetables are picked that same day, so there is no defeating them on quality and flavor. Looking for baked goods or preserves? Yes, they are here, too! The cornucopia of sights and smells will undoubtedly tempt your taste buds, and the vendors will proudly tell you where their farms and kitchens are located. That is one way to know for certain where your food comes from!

Mandeville Trailhead Artisans

Unbeknownst to many people, the Northshore is a veritable goldmine of talented artists and craftsmen. Everything from hand-made jewelry and clothing, one of a kind paintings and photographs, solid wood furniture for indoors and out, and scores of home decor items are sure to please every family member’s taste and style. You can even find a little something extra for the other furry and feathered members of the family. And, if you want to have an item custom-made or personalized, they can do that for you as well. Just ask.

A Personal Touch That Makes All The Difference

The best part about going to the Market is that you get to talk to the producers and vendors themselves. Almost all of these friendly people show up each weekend and man their own booths. They will happily answer all your questions or just idle away the time chit-chatting about what is going on around town. They also let loyal customers know when their newest crops are about to be harvested or latest creations are going to be available. It is the small, personal touches of these wonderful individuals that make a day at the Market such a quintessential part of life in the area.

Sample the Musical Talent At The Mandeville Trailhead Community Market

Mandeville Trailhead MarketBe sure to allow yourself a little extra time from all of that shopping to stop and simply enjoy the music. The Trailhead’s amphitheater has been known to play host to terrific jazz, Cajun, blues, and gospel musicians from across the area. Visitors are welcome to bring their own blanket and stake out a spot with the best view. Then kick back and relax. There is at least one show every Market day, but sometimes you may be fortunate enough to catch two. Visitors can plan ahead by checking the upcoming schedules posted online.

The MandevilleTrailhead Community Market enriches your sense of community pride, provides educational opportunities, and binds everyone together for a bit of South Louisiana fun each weekend. So, gather up friends and family for a Market Day unlike any you have experienced. You will be glad you stopped by the Mandeville Trailhead Community Market!

Mandeville Community Market Vendors

Mandeville Community Market Vendors – Many Hand Made Items

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