New Orleans French Quarter

Historic French Quarter In New Orleans LA

If you’re in the St. Tammany Parish area, and you’ve got your walking shoes ready, the French Quarter has a lot of great things in store for you and your family!


Whether you want to check out the music, or just sit and get some really good food like world famous crawfish or a bowl of gumbo, and watch people walk around, you’ll have an amazing time here. There are so many great shops and restaurants to explore, but you’ll have to map out what you want to do first.


Make sure to check out Bourbon Street, and eat in one of their fabulous restaurants. If it gets late at night, there’s live music and bands that you can listen to. Kids will also want to enjoy walking through the different shops and having an enjoyable time at the festivals in the streets.

Bourbon Street can be fun and festive, and you definitely want to make sure to check it out for all of the great shops, and fine dining. With the old world charm, the French Quarter is one place that you definitely want to visit and experience first hand. Between the historical architecture, the gorgeous balcony views, and the live entertainment and festivals, there is so much music and history in this area, the party truly never stops! You’ll definitely have a great time here and may extend your vacation.


Because there’s so much to see when you walk around, you will find that there is a lot of history here, as well as some modern things that have taken place after Hurricane Katrina and the renovations are ongoing to ensure the preservation of historical landmarks. Be sure to check out the quaint shops and a lot of sightseeing. Bring your children, shop early and get something to eat as you relax and unwind.


As it gets later in the day, a more adult crowd comes out and the bars are open with live music going well into the night. It does get extremely crowded around Mardi Gras, so keep this in mind if you visit with small children.


One thing that we would advise is if you bring small children you have to be careful because especially near Mardi Gras, there are a lot of strippers, public displays of nudity, and there’s a lot of flashing that goes on. Also be sure to watch children around Mardi Gras because as the crowds pick up, and there’s more drinking that takes place, there are more fights that break out and this can go late into the evening. If you are out super early, you should be fine. It’s just later in the afternoon and evening that the drunken crowds start to come out.


Make sure to check out the Cafe du Monde, The Hotel Monteleone and the Court of the Two Sisters. You can also check out the well known shops that are located on Royal Street and there are also very nice art galleries to visit there, as well. So be sure to check out stores and shops like the Vintage 329, which sells a lot of autographed memorabilia. If you decide to veer off of Bourbon Street, make sure to run east of Orleans and the area becomes a little bit more residential there and it can be a very quiet and relaxing walk.

With jazz bands playing live in the streets and great seafood and deserts everywhere you go, whether you are going to visit by day or night, you’re sure to be entertained!

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