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Saint Tammany Parish Louisiana Historical Marker

Saint Tammany Parish Historical Maker

Welcome to Saint Tammany Parish. You will find an amazing wealth of things to do on the Northshore stretching from Madisonville, Mandeville to Lacombe, Slidell and northward to Abita Springs, Covington and Folsom. Saint Tammany Parish has several State Parks and many tourist sites to see and visit. This area is rich in history and the food is some of the best in the south.

Tourist Guide For Saint Tammany Parish

Visit each city below to get your tourist travel plans together. We will also be adding a 1 to 3 day trip around the Parish. Things to do as an adult and things to do for children. Each area of interest will have an approximate time to do and see things so that you can plan for the best. There are plenty of things that are free and fun for all. One of my favorite’s is to take my grand children to the Mandeville Lakefront. Thee are two children play parks, one on the West side and the big one on the East by the Yacht Club on Lakeshore Drive.

There are many things to do and sites to see in Saint Tammany Parish.
Located on Louisiana’s picturesque Northshore, Saint Tammany Parish is a great place to visit if you are interested in the history and culture of the local region, or enjoy shopping, golfing and fine dining. Situated just 45 minutes from the bustling metropolis of New Orleans, St. Tammany Parish is much quieter than the big city, but offers guests a unique charm with warm hospitality. Here you can go tubing, fishing, or play sports at one of the beautiful green spaces in the area. Alternatively, take a swap tour, go wine tasting, or sample some delightful local dishes at one of the many restaurants in the vicinity.

History Of Saint Tammany Parish

The French explorer Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville was the first European to visit St. Tammany Parish in 1699, and wrote in his journals that the lakes that surround the area were among the finest he had ever seen. The parish was originally the home of Native American people, including the Bayou Goulas, Biloxi, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations. The parish began to develop during the centuries, although was mainly rural up until the 1950’s. After Hurricane Katrina devastated large parts of the region in 2005, the population of the parish exceeded 200,000. The relocation of the regional corporate headquarters of Chevron also had a positive economic influence on the area. The company moved from downtown New Orleans to outside Covington – one of the towns in the parish.

State Parks And National Parks In Saint Tammany Parish

The Pearl River Wildlife Management Area is responsible for some of the diverse species that can be found in and around St. Tammany Parish. The parish is also in close proximity to the 22 state parks in Louisiana, making the area the ideal place to spend the night after exploring the state by day. Other areas of local natural interest include Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge which was formed in 1994 and comprises of 15,000 acres of oak rides, coastal marsh and pine flat-woods. Here you can find many species including brown pelican, bald eagles, woodpecker, rabbit, turkey, and wading birds.

Saint Tammany Parish Tourism

There are plenty of things to see, do and experience when visiting St. Tammany Parish. Take an eco tour of Honey Island Swamp and the surrounding waters – a great way to spend an afternoon looking for dolphins and alligators. These sightseeing tours travel up close to many of the fauna and flora that can be found in the swap, and reservations for the tour can be made ahead of time. You might also want to take a tour of the Abita Brewing Company, which was founded in 1986 and produces 130,000 barrels of beer every year. There are also many golf courses close-by, ideal if you want to spend a few hours teeing off.

Restaurants – Bars – Diners In Saint Tammany Parish

If you are a foodie, St. Tammany Parish is the place for you – here you will find some of the best local dishes in the state of Louisiana, as well as food from all over the world. Local specialties include turtle soup, barbecued shrimp and po’boy – a long sandwich served on a crusty and delicious French bread. Spend time with family or friends in one of the many local restaurants, bars and diners.

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Mandeville La Lakefront

Mandeville La Lakefront With Kids Park And Walking Trail

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