Slidell Louisiana

Scenic Slidell Always Delivers Small Town Appeal
Traveling out of New Orleans in an easterly direction, and crossing Lake Pontchartrain via the I-10 Twin Span Bridges, visitors will come across the city of Slidell, Louisiana. It is the last stop on the way to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but there is much more to this city than meets the eye. Do not stick to the main highway. Instead, get off, explore, and meet the friendly locals.

The streets are all named after the great men who founded the city in 1882 along the New Orleans railroad line that was under construction. Don’t worry if you cannot pronounce Fremaux, Bouscaren, and Bonfouca very well- many of the residents can’t either! Today, the city boasts a fully operational train station and is the global headquarters of military contractor Textron Marine and Land Systems.

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Unique Residential Niches In Slidell Louisiana

It is recommended that you take the old two-lane Highway 90 Bridge from the Southshore, so you can land in the communities of Eden Isles and Oak Harbor. In a massive land reclamation project, the area was developed into a series of intersecting waterways that lead to the lake. Each residential plot is waterfront property and gives the area a slightly Venetian feel without being as crowded. While it did sustain heavy damage from the nearly 20-foot storm surge during the 2005 hurricane season, homeowners were undeterred and quickly rebuilt.

A drive down the winding Bayou Liberty Road brings explorers across the bayou and past the marina on a floating bridge that actually rises and falls with the tides. Majestic oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, blooming crepe myrtles of every color, small churches, and large homes makes this pretty drive a particularly peaceful one.

Summertime Fun At Slidell Heritage, Fritchie, and John Parks

Slidell has three large parks: Heritage, Fritchie, and John Slidell. Each one provides plenty of room and equipment for the children to run and play, while adults can get up a softball game on one of the baseball diamonds or use the soccer fields for practice. They each have picnic pavilions or hiking trails, and one even has a public boat launch (Heritage Park).

Annual Crawfish Cookoff

The Annual Crawfish Cookoff takes place every Spring. It pits chefs and home cooks against one another to see who boils up the best mudbugs. Awards and bragging rights are at stake, but competition stays very lighthearted with jokes and jibes flying all day. However, it is really the guests who show up and pay one price to eat all they can that are the true winners.

Slidell Heritage Festival in the historic “Old Town”

The Slidell Heritage Festival in the historic “Old Town” section is usually held around the Fourth of July. Here the antique stores and city’s chefs offer their items to visitors as they idly wander the streets. Grab your lawn chairs and stake out a place along Front Street because, true to its small town roots, the city puts on a huge fireworks display set to music to culminate the day’s activities.

It Keeps Getting Bigger and Better In Slidell Louisiana

With a population of 27,068 as of the 2010 Census, Slidell is the largest city in St. Tammany Parish. But, the city itself claims that they have more than 30,000 people presently calling it home. With the top-rated school districts in the state, it is not hard to fathom why so many people have chosen to move here.

Slidell has almost three times the retail sales of Covington and comprises approximately 2% of the state’s total retail sales, according to Census Bureau statistics for 2007. Hang on to your hats because that figure totals to more than $1.1 Billion! Pretty impressive from what appears to be just another small Louisiana town. Even more astounding is the fact that that number is sure to climb with the 2014 opening of a New Orleans-inspired shopping, dining, entertainment, and residential complex just off I-10 at Fremaux Avenue.

While it continues to grow into the 21st century, Slidell has managed to keep the pride sense of community that still gives it the feel of a small town. Residents can be seen stopping to chat as they run errands and are quick to lend a hand to a neighbor in need. Plus, it is a short drive to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast beaches, making it ideal for families. After a day or two here, you will see why, too! Come visit us for some exciting times in Slidell Louisiana.

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