Sunset Point Fishing Pier Mandeville

Sunset Point Fishing Pier Opens Daily

Fishing is a favorite pastime of Louisiana residents. Fishing just may be the most anticipated weekend activity for residents. There are countless number of piers located throughout the state for residents and tourists alike to enjoy. Another fishing pier that Louisiana can add to her repertoire has opened at Sunset Point and the Mandeville, LA lakefront.

Sunset Point is located in Mandeville, which is a city in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Mandeville is a small city where, approximately, 12,500 people call home. This city is placed on the North Shore

Sunset Park Mandeville LA

Sunset Park Fishing Pier Mandeville

of Lake Pontchartrain. The fishing pier at Sunset Point, opens into Lake Pontchartrain. This lake is 630 square miles with an average depth of 12 to 14 feet. We cannot mention Lake Pontchartrain without mentioning the Causeway Bridge. This bridge spans 24 miles making it the world’s longest bridge over a body of water. The bridge gives travelers one way driving on two lanes with areas for car emergencies, just as if drivers were on a regular road. The bridge holds widespread appeal; an absolute must-see for tourists. The popularity of the bridge may have drifted from Mandeville residents, but they can still boast that their city holds a major tourists attraction. As the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, so is the Causeway Bridge to Mandeville!

Sunset Point has been called the “perfect getaway.” The pier can be accessed by traveling on Interstate 12. Although the pier is across the lake from the city of New Orleans and its’ south suburbs, interstate 12 is traveled a great deal to detour the New Orleans area. Not only can travelers bypass the traffic of New Orleans, they can also bypass the sweltering heat of the city. The mild temperatures of Sunset Point allow an escape from the heat of New Orleans. In the summer months, the highest average temperature in Mandeville is 83 degrees, while in the winter months; the average temperature is 53 degrees.

Sunset Point Fishing Pier

Sunset Point Fishing Pier

Avid fisherman can enjoy Sunset Point as it is one of the few public areas on the north shore where you do not have to own a boat to fish. As an added convenience, the fishing pier offers sinks to clean your fish. The pier offers enough space making it comfortable for visitors to enjoy activities other than fishing. Sunset Point provides a calm atmosphere enjoyed by parents who bike ride with their children, walkers with their dogs, joggers, and those who come to the pier to just discover nature. You can also find secured barbeque hubs and surrounding picnic areas. There are plenty of gazebos available to visitors whose only plan is to sit and watch.

Regardless of the activities visitors choose, everyone will have access to the calming sunset that can be viewed at the pier. The boastful view of the sunset from the pier is a favorite for professional photographers. Even if you are an amateur at taking photos, the picturesque sunset that illuminates the sky with stunning hues is worth capturing on camera.

Below is the main fishing pier at Sunset Point. It extends over 300 feet out into Lake Pontchartrain. It is equipped with running water, fish cleaning stations and lights. In the background you can see the Pontchartrain Causeway which is a 24 mile elevated bridge over the Lake.

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Sunset Park Lakefront Shelter And Fishing Pier
Sunset Point Fishing Pier

Sunset Park Lakefront Shelter And Fishing Pier
Sunset Park Lakefront Fishing Pier Mandeville La

Pier is equipped with running water and lights. Red-fish, drum, sheepshead and trout are all caught off this pier. Great for night fishing under the lights.

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