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The Tammany Trace Takes You Off the Beaten Path and In Touch with Nature at Its Finest written by: timita The Tammany Trace is a 31-mile long trail that winds through the entire parish of St. Tammany. The railroads that used to connect parts of the parish are long defunct have been converted into scenic paths that any nature lover will enjoy. Part of the National Rail-Trail Network, this wildlife conservation area is the only one of its kind in the state of Louisiana and is used by upwards of 300,000 people annually.

1. http://www.tammanytrace.org/ – This is the official site of Tammany Trace
2. http://www.traillink.com/trail/tammany-trace.aspx – TrailLink Rails to Trails Guide

Tammany Trace Activities

Saint Tammany Trace Trail

Saint Tammany Trace Trail

It really does not matter if you want to walk, jog, cycle, roller blade, or horseback ride. Almost all of the Trace is paved and relatively flat. This makes it a particularly lovely way for handicapped people to enjoy nature, too. But, sorry to break the news to you. Dogs are not allowed on any part of the Tammany Trace. Of course, the only exception is for service dogs.

Tammany Trace Trailheads

Trailheads are located in Abita Springs, Covington, Lacombe, Mandeville, and Slidell. Each one is a community center of activity and recreation with parks, pavilions, and playgrounds. They are worth a stop at all by themselves. In fact, you can begin your journey at either “end” of the route in Covington or Slidell.

The official start of the Tammany Trace is in downtown Covington. Previous visitors have said that it is much more convenient to start your journey at the Blue Willow or Camellia House. These two bed and breakfasts have safe parking for their guests, and the Camellia House offers loaner bicycles for guest use.

From here, the path winds slightly north and east to the town of Abita Springs. You will pass the Abita Brewery with its amazing microbrewed selections and free tours. It makes a brief stop at the center of town beside the Abita Brewpub Restaurant. The food is terrific and the local root beer is always ice cold.

Tammany Trace In Old Mandeville LA

Tammany Trace In Old Mandeville, LA Running Behind The Mandeville Community Market

Heading south, the next stop is the Headquarters for the Trace, midway between Abita Springs and Mandeville. Here you can get information on and learn about the history of the Trace. Make sure to grab a drink of water, use the clean restroom facilities, or just relax at the picnic tables. There is also a Kidz Klubhouse with a large playground for the kiddies.

Continuing in a southerly direction, the Trace heads into the historic section of Mandeville. As it nears Lake Pontchartrain it will veer right and take you east through Fountainbleau State Park. One of the most beautiful sections of the Trace is now before you. You will cut through this State Park, as well as the Tammany Wildlife Refuge and the Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge in Lacombe. On this part of the trail, you will see a diverse mix of wildlife, cross several bayous, and meander over many of the 31 bridges that provide incredible vistas of these habitats.

Finally, you will cross the Lacombe Drawbridge and finish up in Slidell. There are plans to install another Trailhead in Lacombe, and it is sure to be as attractive as the others. The Trace will also extend further into the heart of Slidell and stop at picturesque Heritage Park next to the train station. There you will find a restaurant called the Times Grill, and one of their juicy burgers will be the perfect way to end your travels.

Out of state visitors are encouraged to make the acquaintance of the knowledgeable Trace Rangers. They can offer interesting facts and help with directions. When they ask for your zip code, please do not be alarmed. The parish runs a friendly competition for them in which the one who collects the most out of town zip codes in one month wins a prize. So, help a Ranger out, will ya?

Tammany Trace Trail

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Tammany Trace Hours Of Operation

Open from dawn till dusk, the Tammany Trace offers visitors a one-of-a-kind way to experience the best sights and sounds St. Tammany Parish has to offer. And considering that it is free, a small donation to the Tammany Trace Foundation would be worth the lifetime of memories such a trip will give you. We hope you enjoy the Tammany Trace and all that St Tammany Parish, LA has to offer.
Mandeville Trailhead Crossing

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  1. To Whom it may concern,
    Good Morning,We would like to know who is in charge of the trail and what department can we get a copy of the trail head bicycle terms of law. Is the information in the Koop Dr.,division of St. Tammany Parish or is it in the court-house in Covington? Also, since all the Stop signs are on the trail by each intersection for motorist, we were told that each bicyclist or walker has obey the rules while using the trail, from start to the end, during the dust to darn, is this so and is it printed in and by your laws? There are so many that use the trail, that never ( Stop ), and when they see the (Signs, they avoid them) ! “We see this each morning or evening and on a weekend day-time hour as we use the Dove Park Road, that we been using for 17 years, obeing the laws. And when the ones who fails to stop for caution blinking stop lights motorist on a highway hit by one, it causes a well safety by legal law driver to loose and it damages their emotions/mind/auto/finances and it put a fear each-time driving under the speed-limit of 35 mph,getting near the trail. And also by slowing down two telephone poles ( before the blinking or not signal lights), on your trace while obtaining the Legal Louisiana State Laws of a highway or road. While staying alert at all times,foot on the break,looking both ways to make sure none are ( failing to obey the trail laws, rules while on it/using it).And the stop signs on the trail for all bicyclist or walker-runner(s),and for the motorist behind the wheel, safely driving their vehicle(s). On a State of Louisiana Road, Drive,Street, in where the trial meets to an intersection, as we were told by the government that is in charge of the trail,(Sonny-?), last year on (04-30-14, p.m.). That all bicyclist, walker(s), and runner(s), Horse-back rider(s), have to ( Stop for the stop signs ),that are posted throughout our beautiful parish we live or work in and enjoy. So what department shall we be directed too, to get a copy of the laws, rules for the St. Tammany Parish trail and the trace. As of last year in April-May,when coming to the crossing by the trail,has changed our lives and since the fear made a un-asked for impact we have been blowing the horn in our vehicles each time we get near the two electrical, telephone and cable tv poles. Where we did not have to do this in the 17 years using the development Parish paved Dove Park Rd., we pay our taxes each year to get to Hwy.59, safe. As we still see bicyclist ride through on the trail and not stopping for the stop signs, that St. Tammany Parish department of ?, put each down for reasons. Thank You for your valuable time as we all hold them and for reading this, as we wait for your support to led us in the right direction to the department to get a copy of your laws for the St. Tammany Parish Trace.

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      Anybody wanting to answer these questions feel free to do so.
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